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Market Research Services

  • Full-service custom research: design, execution, analysis and reporting
  • Breadth of approaches
  • End in mind research
  • Wide range of tools
  • Full-service custom research: design, execution, analysis and reporting

AMP Marketing Research services provide custom research designs that fit the needs of our clients. We design projects with both the client’s budget and requirements in mind. Studies are tailored to the unique characteristics of the market, characteristics of the potential respondents, and the technology most suited to meet their needs. Senior researchers having extensive industry experience and research credentials manage project execution.  Our analysis is practical and is designed to meet your research and business objectives.

 Breadth of approaches

AMP Marketing Researchers employ both qualitative and quantitative approaches. Focus Groups and In-depth Personal Interviews are among the qualitative approaches employed.  Quantitative survey techniques using a variety of research methodologies are used to generate results that are projectionable.  These methodologies include telephone interviewing, mail surveys, e-mail and web based internet based surveys, CAPI (computer assisted personal interviews) and mail diskettes.

Experienced marketing professionals

AMP research partners have extensive industry experience and business-to-business research and marketing experience.  Our professional are experienced in the areas of high technology, office equipment, healthcare, and the utility and energy industries, both conducting and managing research throughout the world. Our team has both corporate industry experience as well as academic research experience. Our team has conducted research for such leading companies as GE Healthcare, GE Healthcare Financial Services, Kodak Healthcare, Thomson Medstat, Alterra Healthcare, and Lucent Technologies. Our research programs have played a critical role in increasing the effectiveness of our clients’ marketing and customer acquisition and customer retention efforts.

End in mind research

Our approach is always designed to link the research design, execution and analysis back to the client’s objectives.  Our research is designed to translate knowledge into proactive action and business plans.  In doing so, we assist our clients in achieving their business goals, whether they are related to retaining customers, gaining market share, increasing ROI, or introducing a new product to the market.

Wide range of tools

AMP uses the latest tools to capture information and data about our clients’ markets, customers and employees. Whether it is a Web-based interviewing technology, e-mail surveys, or computer assisted interviewing technology for capturing information to the tools for displaying and sharing analytical information. Our executive interviewing team also uses state of the art digital recording technology to capture and analyze qualitative data.  We also use dynamic interviewing technology to capture respondent utilities using advanced methodologies such as pair-wise comparisons or conjoint analysis.


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