Adaptive Marketing Partners

AMP Programs

Market Development Programs

Hybrid Market Intelligence / Lead Generation Programs

      • Telephone TSRs are used to obtain information from customers and prospects concerning current and planned acquisitions of products and services.  A profile of customers and prospects is developed using a combination of relevant firmographics and purchasing profile information. This information is input into a market model to classify and qualify opportunities.
      • Direct mail and E-Marketing media may also be used in some markets to generate awareness and also collect data on customers and prospects to profile both customers and prospects.
  • Market Awareness Development Programs
        • Traditional Media are used to generate awareness and consideration of product and brand. Built into programs are tracking processes that enable clients to measure effectiveness of media strategy.

    Customer Loyalty Management Programs

    NPS Tracking (Net Promoter Score)

    Using a methodology articulated by Ray Kordupleski*, we use a combination of qualitative and quantitative measurement approaches to evaluate the Value that a client provides to their market.  A tracking system is customized which essentially identifies and measures the value of the product, services and relationship/image of the client’s and competitors offering.  A dashboard can be developed from this as well as quality and program improvement analyses.

    Customer Value Analysis

    • Five components are independently measures in a comprehensive program:
        • Price profiling
        • Value Mapping
        • Head-to-Head Competitive Analysis
        • Win-Loss Research & Analysis
        • Quality Profiling
  • * See Mastering Customer Value Management by Ray Koduplesky, Customer Value Management Inc., 2003.
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